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Investing Software Reviews – Penny Stock Prophet

Penny Stock Prophet is the latest focus of my investing software reviews. I chose this program because it has the distinction of being one of the only stock programs today which only targets cheap or penny stocks. If you are interested in investing in the stock market but have always been a little reserved when it comes to the risk associated with it, you and day traders pay attention, read this first of my investing software reviews devoted just to a penny stock picker.

The first thing to mention in this edition of my investing software reviews about this program is how it works. This program works much like the major trading houses in that it compares successful trends of the past and current real-time stocks to find overlaps to give it a very precise idea of how that current stock is going to perform. This is the same process used by the major trading houses and in fact technology is modeled after that used by professional traders because it’s difficult to take the full scope of the market into account to find these overlaps without the aid of an analytical program.

I mentioned that this program only targets cheap stocks. This is a major advantage considering the profit potential behind cheap stocks as compared to greater priced stock. It takes relatively little trading influence to send one of the cheap stocks skyrocketing value because the slightest changes can result in the biggest profit.

For example, the first pick which I received from this program was initially valued at $.15 a share.

It burst up to $.31 over the course of that first trading day. I was floored as not only had I never invested in a stock as cheap as this before, but I never experienced a jump in or appreciation in value as great as that before, either.

I started checking in on that stock compulsively throughout the next day when the market opened again every several minutes as it felt like it continued to climb all throughout the day. Honestly I don’t think there’s a better feeling than seeing a stock which you are invested in climbing right in front of your eyes. When all was said and done, that stock finally topped at $.48 a share. Ultimately it more than tripled in value, and my initial investment of 1000 shares or $150 went up to $460 in two days. visit

My only regret is that I didn’t invest more, but this being my first pick which I’d received from the program, I wanted to see what it could do before going overboard. Obviously one of the greatest things besides the fact that it only targets cheap stocks is that virtually anyone can use this program, assuming you know basic rudimentary things like how to start an online trading account and invest in any one of the stocks which this program generates for you.

All that legwork and analytical crunch work is done on your behalf so all you’ve got to do is invest accordingly, making it a great little program for anyone who is a first-time trader looking to make some extra money but doesn’t have the experience.

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