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Brilliant Branding: The Essential Elements Your Brochure Design and Packaging Should Have

Appearance is everything. How your business looks to the world can spell the difference between market dominance and marketing disaster. Consider if you will, the Svengali-like dominance of Apple products over other digital gadgets. This is precisely why careful thought goes into every company’s marketing communications – from the brochure design to the product packaging. Whether you’re offering a service or selling products, your business needs to look into the entire process of producing print collateral, packaging, and other marketing communications materials from concept to production.


Your print collateral, brochures, and packaging need to be in line with, above everything else, your company’s brand identity. Whether it’s a poster for an event your company’s organising or a brochure for a new line of products you’re launching, the colours, the font, the layout – basically, the overall design needs to convey your brand identity to your target market. What is your organisation’s values and personality? How will your consumers identify you from other businesses? Without brand positioning, your consumers might fail to connect with your advertising and marketing efforts. Just look at successful mega brands, and how consumers can immediately identify them from competing brands.

Your brochures and packaging design need to be attractive and creative. Brochures need to be read by consumers so that they find out about the latest services or products your company is offering and products need to be picked up in supermarkets or department stores so that you’ll have impressive quarterly sales reports. Consumers naturally gravitate towards eye-catching design. Additionally, if your product is going to be displayed with other competing products you’ll want your items to stand out and, ideally, Paper Boxes Vietnam   beckon to passing customers. It’s the same thing for brochures. Unappealing brochures could end up spending a lot of time unread in offices, waiting rooms, or conference halls.

Attractive and creative brochures and packaging also need to effectively inform and, naturally, bear important content. After all, beauty is nothing without substance so materials for your marketing communications have to express your intended message and contain the necessary information, especially if it’s brochures for a school or a real estate development and packaging for food items that require the list of ingredients and nutritional information.

For product packaging, make sure they aren’t only informative and attractive, but also easy to handle. Food and dry goods packaging that aren’t designed for easy opening can be very frustrating for consumers. You’ll want your buyers to have a relatively effortless way to get to your product. Making them work to open up a box of beer, a jar of facial cream, or a packet of ready-to-eat dinner might make them move on to your competitor.

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